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Samuel Erwin, son of James and Mary Erwin, and Sarah Holms daughter of William and Mary Holms, were married at Goose Creek Meeting-house, in Bedford County, 7-4-1793.

The following witnesses signed the marriage certificate : Margaret Dobyns, Moses Embree, Joel Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Thomas Cadwalader, Jane Cadwalader, Rachel Pidgeon, Ben Paxon, John Coffee, Rachel Coffee, Will Tuggle, Moses Cadwalader, Carls Anthony, Susanna Erwin, William Pidgeon, Mary Bond, Moses Cadwalader, Jr., Samuel Oliphant, Esther Richards, Benjamin Bond, Ruth Cadwalader, Hannah Anthony, Lucy Phelps, Betsy Bobbitt, Sarah Pidgeon, Sally Gregg, Amos Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Jane Bobbitt, James Erwin, Mary Erwin, Margaret Harris, Elizabeth Sehoby, Jane Erwin, Mary Harris, Magdalen Erwin, Hanna Harris, Daniel McPherson, Mary McPherson, Mary Anthony, Mary Burns, James Burns.

Elias Fisher, son of Joseph and Ann Fisher, and Hannah Curle, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Curie, all of Campbell County, were married at South River Meeting-house 9-24-1793.

The following witnesses signed the marriage certificate: Wm. Stanton, Wm. Johnson, Gerard Johnson, Robt. Johnson, Robt. Hanna, Robt. Wright, Catharine Hanna, Abel Lodge, Benjamin Hanna, Thomas Hanna, Jane Tillus, Elizabeth Douglas, Humphrey Baugham, Sally Lynch, Elizabeth Lea, Ann Leer, Sarah Johnson, Phebe Stanton, Martha Baugham, Sarah Lodge, Joseph Curie, Joseph Fisher, Eobt. Fisher, John Baugham, Samuel Fisher, Samuel Cary, Ann Curie, Tacy Baugham, Cynthia Cary.

John Fisher, son of Joseph Fisher, and Rachel James, daughter of Thomas James, of the County of Campbell, were married at South River Meeting-house 10-17-1799.

The following witnesses signed the marriage certificate: William Stanton, Stephen Butler, Phebe Stanton, Mary Butler, Hannah Fisher, Mary Holloway, Joseph Fisher, Elias Fisher, Isaac James.